Beach Ball Returns

When you’re dialed in, every pitch looks like a beach ball at the plate. Well guess what. We’re dialed in, and this beer is a crusher. Citrusy flavors will hammer your palate on the first sip, and it’ll be nothing short of a beach party from there. That’s right, Beach Ball Returns

The winter doldrums are slowly subsiding, with hints of spring and citrus coming back into our pallets. That can only mean one thing… ‘Beach Ball’, Broken Bat Brewing Company’s pineapple milkshake IPA is back on tap.

New artwork for Beach Ball labels

A longtime fan favorite that has been around since the early days of the brewery, Beach Ball is coming back with its trademark flavor profile, but with a touch more haze this time around. This brew is sure to satisfy both the hop-head and flavor fiend in your life. Though only available in the Walker’s Point taproom for the time being, folks will be able to snag themselves a 4-pack of ‘Beach Ball’ out in the market starting in April. And if you’re wondering where you can find Broken Bat beers near you, check out our website’s Find Our Beer tab, or follow us on social media to view our “Broken Bat Away From Home” series which highlights local stores that carry Broken Bat brews. 

And in case you forgot, the re-release of ‘Beach Ball’ precedes the release of two brand new beers, ‘Dead Red’, and ‘Ball and Glove’. Looking for an excuse to come down to the taproom to taste test any of these new brews? We’ve got a couple can’t miss events coming up where you’ll have plenty of time to see which of the beers is your favorite. Check out our events tab to see what’s on tap for events at the taproom, or if you can find us around Milwaukee. 

We’ll see you in the taproom soon for a couple pints of Beach Ball ?