Helles Bells

5.1% ABV to honor the most legendary #51 to ever lace ’em up, just in time for your tailgate needs all season long!


In the game of baseball, and in life, sometimes you just need your go-to option. “Fungo” is a light, crisp American Lager that’s perfect for any occasion. Just like a Fungo, whether you need some high fly balls or grounders… Read More

Corre Corre

Our Mexican style Lager that isn’t afraid to mix it up on the base paths. Named in honor of the great Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez, The Jet never met a rundown he wasn’t willing to get into as long as… Read More

Fresh Cut

In the spring, there’s nothing quite like it. A fresh cut outfield, a crispness in the air, we all know it’s that time. BASEBALL. IS. BACK. This Springtime beer will tingle the senses just like the smell of a perfectly… Read More


Benny Rodriguez became “The Jet” when he put on his PF Flyers to escape The BEAST just like ‘Corre Corre’ has become ‘BENNY‘ after an 8 month soak in tequila barrels. Enjoy this special summertime  beer cold and fresh!

Corre Light

For years we’ve had “Corre Corre” grace the tap lines at Broken Bat, and this time we’re proud to bring you a sessionable version of this classic Mexican Lager. Add the lime if you’d like, or enjoy this lager straight… Read More

Beer the Mechanism

In life, we all have distractions that take away from the things we love. With this beer, we hope it helps to ‘Clear the Mechanism’ and let you take full advantage of the fact that you’re enjoying every sip. For… Read More


Double India Pale Lager. This glass of hoppy goodness was a collaborative effort between Bavarian Bierhaus and Broken Bat. Brewed like a pale ale and finished with lager yeast – it’s an absolutely one of a kind brew!