Broken Bat Brewing co. | Milwaukee, WI


Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Broken Bat Brewing Company co-founders Tim Pauly and Dan McElwee are committed to providing customers and the community with an unforgettable experience while enjoying two of America’s greatest past times: the game of baseball and hand-crafted brews.

Our approach to brewing beer is like the game of baseball itself. Both beer and baseball can be enjoyed by the most casual of fans. On the surface, baseball is played by two teams on a diamond with four bases where you pitch, hit, run, and catch. Similarly, the brewing of beer can be boiled down to four main ingredients: water, yeast, hops, and malt. Both baseball and beer are beautifully simple, yet deeply complex for fanatics. Our goal is to drive the passion of our consumers through beer, and do so while honoring the greatest game ever played.

Through a lifelong passion for this city in which we were raised, and an unparalleled appreciation for the game of baseball and the game’s drink of choice, we are excited to give our customers the experience that every ball player and beer drinker dreams of: a taste of the Big Leagues.

Our message to the community is simple. We’re not here to reinvent craft beer. We’re here to reinvent the way that you experience craft beer, through Broken Bat Brewing Company.

Batter Up,

Tim and Dan



Business Inquiries - Tim Pauly - 414-640-2269
Brewing Inquiries - Dan McElwee - 414-750-1894
231 E. Buffalo St - Lower Unit Milwaukee, WI 53202