Batter Up!

Stepping up to the plate in Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward is Broken Bat Brewing Company, a baseball-themed sports bar featuring plentiful seating and multiple televisions for the spectator’s viewing pleasure.

The vision of lifelong friends Tim Pauly and Dan McElwee, Broken Bat Brewing Co. provides its patrons with sight lines to the brew house and fermentation tanks.  Specialties on tap, with a tip of the cap in homage to America’s Pastime are: Double Play (double) IPA; Climb the Wall Farmhouse Ale; Straight Chedd – an apricot ale, and; Mint Condition, the clubhouse porter with just a hint of infused mint.  The roster of beers will be expanded throughout the regular season, prior to the trade deadline. 

As Tim and Dan say:   “In baseball, when a bat breaks, it’s something unexpected.  And that’s essentially what our beer is going to be like, what the brewery is going to be: something different, unexpected.”


Apricot Pale Ale

Named “Straight Chedd”, this beer absolutely brings it. A pale ale brewed with apricot, this brew is meant for those who aren’t afraid of the spotlight. Don’t be fooled by its sweet finish, Straight Chedd packs a punch!

Frozen Rope

This Raspberry Wheat is packed with the sweet flavors of summer. A full-bodied wheat fermented with loads of fresh raspberries, our Frozen Rope is a summer treat that you won’t soon forget.

Double Play Double IPA

This 8% double IPA is as smooth as an inning ending double play to avoid a crooked number for the opposition. Brewed with Skyrocket and Cascade hops, this triple dry-hopped brew is sure to have you coming back for a second pour.

Mint Condition

Named in honor of Honus Wagner’s 1909 Mint Condition baseball card, this porter is fermented with a light amount of fresh mint leaves and served with a mint sprig for your enjoyment.

High & Tight

This IPA isn’t for the faint of heart. Great batters know they need to own the plate, and sometimes you have to be brushed back to find the pitch you like. Step into the box, own the plate, and enjoy this ridiculously smooth Midwest IPA.

Farmhouse Ale

Our Farmhouse ale is sure to be in your wheelhouse. Brewed with sweet orange peel and additional orange purée during fermentation, this sweet taste of spring will cool off even the hottest headed manager after a blown call.


Affectionately named after the real Home Run King’s 755 lifetime dingers, this Imperial Stout truly is the King. Weighing in at an impressively smooth 10.1% ABV, this sweet stout will have you swingin’ for the fences in no time.

Corre Corre

Our Mexican style Lager that isn’t afraid to mix it up on the base paths. Named in honor of the great Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez, The Jet never met a rundown he wasn’t willing to get into as long as he had his PF Flyers and Dodgers jersey. Fermented with a hint of fresh lime, Corre Corre always has the green-light.


“Sox” is an American Amber Ale that is getting the September call-up to the Major League roster here at Broken Bat. Registering at a smooth 5.1% ABV, this beer is perfect for taking in some late-season baseball in the taproom as the Fall months roll in.

Mr. Octoberfest

The chant is eternal in baseball lore, “REGGIE! REGGIE! REGGIE!”. A legend was born on October 18th, 1977 in game 6 of the World Series when Mr. October himself took the Dodgers deep 3 times en route to an eventual World Series Championship for the Yankees. This classic Octoberfest Lager is as perfect on the pallet as Reggie’s swing was to the eye. Be sure to try this limited edition brew while it lasts!


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