We’ve all been there. One week everything looks like a Beach Ball, the next week you’re in the middle of an Oh’fer. Don’t let the slump stop you from enjoying this delicious Cold IPA, tomorrow’s another day to get your… Read More


“Any way on” is what you’ll hear from the dugout during the late innings of a close game – just need a “Schtoinker” to find the grass. Well do we have a clutch beer for you. This chilly weather Dunkelweizen… Read More


“Nice Route, Magellan!”. The game of baseball, much like craft beer, can be humbling at times – but what matters is that you make the play. This decadent cold-weather porter soaked with fresh vanilla beans and cinnamon imported from Portugal is… Read More


The third variant of our kettle sour is absolutely LOADED with fresh strawberries. We threw nearly 300 pounds of them into the batch.. and it shows. An amazingly fresh start and slightly tart finish might just be our best kettle… Read More


Cold, Bold, and Gold! Light drinking Golden Ale brewed by Marquette Students and Alumni!

Tailgate Culture

The chilly winter winds have ascended on Wisconsin and we dream of warm summer days surrounded by all of the goodness that is Milwaukee’s Tailgate Culture, don’t miss your chance to enjoy this crisp apple pilsner. The parking lot parties are just… Read More

Batter’s Rye

Somewhere along the lines, the MLB realized that having unruly fans in dead-center wearing white shirts was bad for hitters at the plate, so they implemented the “Batter’s Eye” at every stadium in 1902. Much like the MLB, we’ve made… Read More

The Arm Barn

It’s an exclusive club, often know as “Pitcher’s Only” in the Arm Barn. These are the players who are ready and willing to get on the mound with your championship dreams on the line in a tight game and no… Read More


Benny Rodriguez became “The Jet” when he put on his PF Flyers to escape The BEAST just like ‘Corre Corre’ has become ‘BENNY‘ after an 8 month soak in tequila barrels. Enjoy this special summertime  beer cold and fresh!


In the history of baseball there is no swing as sweet, no glove as smooth, and no runner as graceful as the GOAT, Pablo Sanchez. This beer was brewed to mirror his traits, and with the added cocoa nibs, vanilla,… Read More

Cherry Banana Smoothie Seltzer

Our own Hard Seltzer flavored with real Cherry and Banana.

Kangaroo Court

Corre Light

For years we’ve had “Corre Corre” grace the tap lines at Broken Bat, and this time we’re proud to bring you a sessionable version of this classic Mexican Lager. Add the lime if you’d like, or enjoy this lager straight… Read More

Czech Swing

Unlike a hitter trying to check his swing and lay off a nasty slider in the dirt, this Czech-style Pils is guaranteed to be in your wheel-house and ready for you to hammer. Clocking in at an all-day drinking 4%, ‘Czech Swing’… Read More

Concession Stand – Blue Raspberry

Our 4-Year Anniversary brought us the first iteration of the ‘Concession Stand’ Series and they won’t disappoint! Lemon Ice, Cherry Super Rope, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry Banana Split are just the start!

Concession Stand – Pink Lemonade

Our 6-Year Anniversary brought us the newest iteration of the ‘Concession Stand’ Series and it won’t disappoint!

Ugly Finder

This Hazy IPA is as juicy as they come – loaded with Mosaic, Trident, and Lemondrop hops – just like the fastball your teammate just fouled off into the dugout almost taking a bite out of your pitching coach’s left… Read More

The Ripper

An ode to the greatest punch-out in MLB history, if John “The Ripper” Tumpane is behind the dish, you’d better not get caught looking with 2 strikes. Just like a hitter meeting his demise at the plate, don’t get caught… Read More

Can of Corn

*Comes with Certificate of Authenticity A ballpark ale brewed with the actual corn harvested from the Field of Dreams movie site, ‘Can of Corn’ was brewed to bring those who truly love the purity of the game together, just like… Read More

Brewettes Blonde

Brewed and named in honor of the women who held it down in 1943 for Milwaukee Baseball. While our brave troops were protecting our freedom, the Milwaukee Brewettes were fighting for a Women’s Professional Baseball League title. An absolute summer… Read More