Dead Red


Cold, Bold, and Gold! Light drinking Golden Ale brewed by Marquette Students and Alumni!

Big Red Machine

A smooth Amber Ale with a hint of nutty sweetness and a raspberry finish.

Can of Corn

*Comes with Certificate of Authenticity A ballpark ale brewed with the actual corn harvested from the Field of Dreams movie site, ‘Can of Corn’ was brewed to bring those who truly love the purity of the game together, just like… Read More

Brewettes Blonde

Brewed and named in honor of the women who held it down in 1943 for Milwaukee Baseball. While our brave troops were protecting our freedom, the Milwaukee Brewettes were fighting for a Women’s Professional Baseball League title. An absolute summer… Read More

While We Wait

Spiced Winter Red Ale. This lightly spiced winter red ale is perfect for the chilly winter months in Milwaukee, WI. While we wait for the boys to report to Spring Training, enjoy this delicious spiced brew!

Flashin Leather

The Wizard of Oz, Machado, Arenado, and now Arcia. Plays that you know you’ll see on replay for years to come – that’s what ‘Flashin’ Leather’ means, and we think that this Belgian Golden Ale is worthy of the name.


This traditional, light-drinking black ale was brewed and conceptualized around honoring a truly legendary figure both in Baseball History, and American History, Jackie Robinson. From his Olympic career as a 4-Star athlete at UCLA, to his baseball playing days in… Read More


“Sox” is an American Amber Ale that is getting the September call-up to the Major League roster here at Broken Bat. Registering at a smooth 5.1% ABV, this beer is perfect for taking in some late-season baseball in the taproom… Read More

Climb The Wall

Our Farmhouse ale is sure to be in your wheelhouse. Brewed with sweet orange peel and additional orange purée during fermentation, this sweet taste of spring will cool off even the hottest headed manager after a blown call.

Boys of Summer

The final out, the dog pile, the celebrations that follow.. there’s nothing like it. This light Lemongrass Honey Wheat Ale, easy drinker is an ode to the Boys of Summer who make the great game of baseball so enjoyable to… Read More


This slightly sweet, malty ale is loaded with flavor that won’t overpower your palate. Don’t let the smooth finish fool you like a backdoor slider – this beer sits at 8.5% ABV, and is perfect for a Pennant Race.

Sky High

Not a cloud in sight, sun’s at high noon. Ball goes up and looks like it’s a mile in the sky. As Mike Cameron once said, the sun’s been there for what, two, three hundred years? This Scottish Ale is… Read More

Light Tower Power

Chardonnay Barrel-Aged Imperial Farmhouse Ale. We’ve seen it in the movies, and it’s what legends are made of. If a hitter has “Light Tower Power”, you know he can mash. We imperialized our farmhouse ale and aged it in Chardonnay… Read More