High & Tight

Batter’s Rye

Somewhere along the lines, the MLB realized that having unruly fans in dead-center wearing white shirts was bad for hitters at the plate, so they implemented the “Batter’s Eye” at every stadium in 1902. Much like the MLB, we’ve made… Read More

Beach Ball

When you’re dialed in, every pitch looks like a beach ball at the plate. Well guess what. We’re dialed in, and this beer is a crusher. Citrusy flavors will hammer your palate on the first sip, and it’ll be nothing… Read More

@DimTillard’s Captain Cliche IPA

Step up to the plate of, originality with @DimTillard’s Captain Cliché IPA! Former lollygagger Tim Dillard (now a highly decorated clichésman) is grabbing the bull by the horns with a tailor-made double-play of daiquiri-like aromas! The hazy citrus at the… Read More


We’ve all been there. One week everything looks like a Beach Ball, the next week you’re in the middle of an Oh’fer. Don’t let the slump stop you from enjoying this delicious Cold IPA, tomorrow’s another day to get your… Read More

The Arm Barn

It’s an exclusive club, often know as “Pitcher’s Only” in the Arm Barn. These are the players who are ready and willing to get on the mound with your championship dreams on the line in a tight game and no… Read More

Ugly Finder

This Hazy IPA is as juicy as they come – loaded with Mosaic, Trident, and Lemondrop hops – just like the fastball your teammate just fouled off into the dugout almost taking a bite out of your pitching coach’s left… Read More

The Ripper

An ode to the greatest punch-out in MLB history, if John “The Ripper” Tumpane is behind the dish, you’d better not get caught looking with 2 strikes. Just like a hitter meeting his demise at the plate, don’t get caught… Read More


This juice bomb was created with the steroid era in mind. While we didn’t cheat to make this incredibly drinkable 10% beer, it might as well be illegal.

Down the Line

The first of its kind from Broken Bat, this earthy, dank, Double IPA was built for the winter months. After a few sips, you’ll be ‘Up on 2’ after you ripped this DIPA ‘Down The Line’.

Laser Show

Milkshake IPA with blood orange, tangerine, and vanilla. Just like when a hitter is locked-in at the plate, this insatiable brew is a laser show on your palette. Fresh citrus fruits, vanilla, and milk sugar round out this Milkshake IPA’s… Read More

Cage Bombs

Everyone crushes cage bombs.. and everyone will absolutely crush this session hazy IPA. Loaded with citrusy goodness from front to back, this beer is built for all-day enjoyment!

IPA* To Be Named Later

IPA* To Be Named Later, iykyk.

Chinook ’19 IPA

The Lakeshore Chinooks and Broken Bat Brewing Co. have collaborated to bring you this delicious Chinook hop IPA! Just like the ballplayers on the field looking for their Major League break, Broken Bat poured everything they have into this celebratory brew. Cheers to a… Read More

Safe At Home

We brewed this session hazy IPA with our buddies from Pilot Project in Chicago and it’s a summer classic! Loaded with Citra, Lemon Drop, and Trident hops – this is your new go-to summer brew!

Bearded Stirrup Double IPA

Created to honor friend of the brewery and professional baseball player Tim Dillard, this hazy juice bomb is a masterpiece.


This 108 IBU Double IPA was brewed to honor every baseball on planet earth that features exactly 108 stitches! Brewed with a healthy does of Equinox, Willamette, and Nugget hops – this Double is for the hop heads out there!

Send Em

Coach yells, “GET ON YOUR HORSE!” Every baserunner lives for it – the windmill from the 3rd Base Coach as the dugout screams, “SEND ‘EM!”. This West Coast Double IPA is just as exciting. Floral on the front, the IBU… Read More

Spin It

Pitcher’s in a jam, runners on the corners with 1 out.. he hears his infielders yell “Spin it!” and a calm comes over the mound. This loaded Double IPA has hop heads written all over it!

Double Play

This 8% double IPA is as smooth as an inning ending double play to avoid a crooked number for the opposition. Brewed with Skyrocket and Cascade hops, this triple dry-hopped brew is sure to have you coming back for a… Read More