In the history of baseball there is no swing as sweet, no glove as smooth, and no runner as graceful as the GOAT, Pablo Sanchez. This beer was brewed to mirror his traits, and with the added cocoa nibs, vanilla,… Read More

Unwritten Rules

Pistachio Pudding Pastry Stout. Baseball and beer have some seriously dumb unwritten rules.. so we went ahead and broken some of both of them with this beer. We dumped in multiple servings of a secret family Pistachio Pudding dessert recipe… Read More


Cracker Jack Caramel Stout. YABO was brewed with actual cracker jack! Over 100 pounds was added to the mash in order to give this silky smooth stout a slightly sweet finish. Currently aging in 18 Year Old Fitzgerald Barrels, keep… Read More

Murderers’ Row

Rule Breaker

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Pistachio Pastry Stout. Bottom 12, tie ballgame, you square one up and send the visitors packing with an ‘L’. Damn right you’re gonna break the ancient Unwritten Rules of ‘act like you’ve been there before’. Once the pins… Read More


Rum Barrel Aged Mexcian Chocolate Stout.


This Double Bourbon BA’d Cracker Jack Stout is one for the ages. We took a fan-favorite in YABO!.. Barrel-aged it for 8 months, and then transferred it in a new, fresh barrel for another 4 months. It’s dangerously drinkable –… Read More

762* The King

This Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout is silky smooth with a chocolate and caramel finish. Aged in first time use Heaven Hill Kentucky Bourbon barrels, we took our 755 and added a little “juice” to create 762* – best flavors at room… Read More


Only the best of the best earn the nickname ‘Picasso’ on the mound. Maddux, Gibson, Ryan. These guys made pitching an art form. This vanilla stout is nothing short of art itself. A slightly lower ABV, this stout is a… Read More

755 The King

Affectionately named after the real Home Run King’s 755 lifetime dingers, this Imperial Stout truly is the King. Weighing in at an impressively smooth 10.1% ABV, this sweet stout will have you swingin’ for the fences in no time.

Crooked Number

Coffee Stout. Every pitcher prays for it – a big fat crooked number on the scoreboard. This blended coffee stout is just what the doc ordered. Brewed in collaboration with our buddies at Pilcrow Coffee Roasters, enjoy this silky smooth… Read More