Party For Tims


Feb 09 2024


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Broken Bat Brewing
135 E. Pittsburgh Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53204
First and Foremost, Tim is simply an awesome name. Tim, Timmy, Timothy, whatever of the other million variations friends or family have morphed it into over the years – the name Tim rocks.
To celebrate the great name of Tim, I’m hosting a kickass party just for Tim’s. Attending is pretty straightforward, show us your ID with the name Tim and be 21+, and you’re in.
Upon arrival, you’ll be given the choice between a free ice-cold can of beer or house NA Seltzer with your name on it to get things started.
From there, we’ll have all sorts of beer games set up including beer pong, flip cup, baseball, and Game Cube with some 4-Player Classics.
$6 All-Day Pints of beer, might get a few heated card games of WAR rollin’, the playlist is completely up for grabs based on what the Tim’s are feelin’ at that time since Tim (me) will be in control of it. Want to change the channel on the TVs? No sweat, lemme know and we’ll get it right. Don’t like the current song and the Tim’s agree? Let’s skip it. This group of extraordinary people will not allow for anything other than greatness to unfold, because of course, we’re all named Tim.
To be clear, yes, your first name quite literally must be some form of Tim to attend, and you must be 21+. This is the first of many “Party For (enter name here)” that we hope to host, but we’re starting off with a bang.
Cheers to great beers and better company on February 9th, see all you glorious Tim’s soon.
Tim Pauly – Owner
Broken Bat Brewing Co.